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    North Jersey Steps and Retaining Wall Build Experts

    We can build a retaining wall that’s both functional and attractive. While such walls are typically constructed to control erosion or to create more space in a multi-leveled yard, they can serve as beautiful structures on their own, too.

    Add Structure And Stability To Your Home

    Wing walls are used to hold back soil on one face of a home, keeping the home level and assisting with buildings that are placed on slopes. Wing walls are built out as building foundation extensions and create walkout basements or lawn spaces outside the home.

    Paver Patios and Paver Porches Design and Build

    At Opportunity Construction, we can help you create a place where your family can gather to eat, play, and have fun. Let’s transform an unused corner of your backyard into a dining area that’s used throughout the warmer seasons or a relaxing spot to get away from it all.

    Fully versatile, pavers can be fashioned to make a patio of various colors or textures, to create a design that reflects any outdoor aesthetic. Pavers can also be combined with wall materials to create a cohesive seating area, fire or water features, and a variety of other elements that reflect your own style. How can our paver patio ideas transform your yard?

    Sidewalk and Walkways Repair and Build

    From pavers to stone, exposed aggregate, colored and stamped concrete, we can design and install a durable sidewalk for you.

    Paver stone walkways are functional and stunning walkways that can lead to your front door. They are the perfect clear pathways from point A to point B – from your driveway to your backyard, to your garage, to your front door, or to your backdoor. It’s up to you, and we’re here to help.

    Something so simple as adding paver stone walkways can drastically improve your home’s appeal. It can even increase your home’s value overall. Take the next step into bringing your home together by designing your breathtaking paver stone walkways.