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    New Jersey Roof Repair and Installation

    Your roof provides you, your family, your assets and/or your business with the security of protection & shelter. If your roof is compromised, so are you. Whether repairs are necessary due to general wear and tear or storm damage, we can help restore your roof to be as good as new. Regardless the size of the job, Opportunity Construction has you covered and will get you back to the safety of a sound roof. We are dedicated to fixing your roof to your satisfaction and restoring your feeling of comfort.

    Our local, licensed, certified, and bonded roofing professionals will make an assessment of your roofing problems and give you your repair options. Not only are we professional & thorough, but also understand to your needs. We are able to provide assistance in emergency tarping of your roof to prevent further damage and full replacements. Remember, when it comes to your roof you should never let issues or need for repair go on too long. As soon as you notice any issues, we advise you to schedule an assessment/repair as soon as possible by calling Opportunity Construction

    Roofing Services We Provide:

    As a locally owned company, we consider all of our customers to be family. After three generations of service to North Jersey and Central Jersey surrounding areas, we operate with a high standard of customer service. Trust us with your home or business and we will make sure that you are protected and satisfied with our services.


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